Electoral Constituencies 2017

The 17 electoral constituencies as determined by the Electoral Boundaries Commission, 2017 are as follows:

Election Campaigns

Tongan Version

1. Election Timetable

The election timetable is determined by the Writs of Election, issued by the King on the advice of the Prime Minister. The writs are issued to the Electoral Commission, for each District and Constituency and specify the date of the election the places where polling will be conducted and the hours of polling. It also sets the date on which the writs are to be returned to the King advising the result of the election in each District and Constituency.

Election day- not less than 8 weeks after the date of Writ issue. 

*The Election for 2017 is scheduled to take place on the 16th November 2017.

Nominations -not less than 21 or more than 28 days after Writ issue. 

*Candidate nominations for the 2017 Elections have been scheduled to take place on the 27 & 28 September 2017.

Writ return- within 14 days of Election Day. 

The Act limits the sum that can be spent to $20,000

Candidates are advised to take careful note of the qualification on spending in s.24 of the Act, particularly time periods prior to the election. They should also ensure they are fully familiar with s.21 to s.23 of the Act in respect of spending.

2. Advertising

Advertising including handbill, pamphlet, poster, notice or a radio or video recording must comply with the relevant sections of the Act and the Regulations.

Candidates must take careful note of the restrictions within the Act and Regulations in the area, particularly those dealing with the imitations of a ballot paper, public places and polling station and the areas around those stations.

They should also note the prohibition on the campaigning by means of any loudspeaker, public address, film, video, television or radio in 24 hours prior to the start of the polling and during the hours of polling.

Candidates should make sure that they remove their material from all locations on or before polling day.

 3. Meetings and Rallies

The holding of meetings and rallies are the responsibility of the Candidate and the permission of the commission is not required. There may however be rules and / or regulations relating to the holding of these under Public Order or State of Emergency provisions. Candidates are advised to ensure they meet all necessary requirements of Government or Law Enforcement agencies.

 4. Voting Method

Electors will choose one person for their constituency only.  On polling day an elector will, from the candidates on the ballot paper, choose ONE and one only by placing a mark (images)in the circle opposite the candidate of their choice.

 5. Polling Day

On polling day candidates can only enter a polling station when they go to vote. They can visit their supporters outside polling stations in the Constituency they are standing in, but not make speeches or statements in or near these stations.

 6. Offences 

 Candidates must ensure that they are aware of the offences provisions of the Act and the Regulations. They cover such thing as:

  • Failing to allow employees time to vote
  • Impersonation of persons or voters
  • Attempting to vote more than once in an Election
  • Providing false or misleading information to officers of the Commission.
  • Bribery or the giving of gifts, inducements, advances, payments or promises to electors or others to vote or not vote or to do or take actions to secure a vote
  • Threats to voters , family or property of an elector or threatens , hinders , obstructs or abuses a polling official or officer of the Electoral Commission
  • Hinder, obstruct, annoy or pester an elector going to , or at a polling station
  • Making speeches or statements in view or hearing of any public place or polling station or by loudspeaker, PA system, television, video, or radio that relates to the poll.
  • Have or maintain a kava booth, entertainment or the like in a public place or near a polling station
  • Shows or places near a polling station any sigh car, photograph or paper that has the names of candidates , or directs or indicates how any person should vote
  • Failure to lodge a an Election spending statement within the time required
  • Lodging a spending statement that is false or
  • Failing to authorize and electoral advertisement handbill, pamphlet, poster or notice appearing, being broadcast or published.
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