Electoral Constituencies 2017

The 17 electoral constituencies as determined by the Electoral Boundaries Commission, 2017 are as follows:

Nomination of candidates

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1. Time and place of Nomination 

A candidate must nominate at the time and place fixed by the Commission.  The Act provides that there be a maximum of two (2) days for candidates to nominate, and only between the hours of 10am and 3pm. 

The Returning Officers are located at the Commission Office in Nuku'alofa, District Governors office in Ha'apai and Vava'u and the Government Representatives Office In Eua and the Niuas. Candidates can only lodge their nominations at the designated office for their respective electoral district.

 2. Declaration of Nominations and Order of Names on a Ballot Paper

Under section 12 of the Electoral Act a Returning Officer shall determine, where there are a greater number of candidates than vacant seats, the order in which the names of candidates are to appear on ballot papers to be used in the Election.

Your position on the ballot paper is determined by a draw by lot, with the number drawn by a candidate being their position on the ballot paper. The draw for each constituency will be done by the Returning Officer for the District in which the Constituency is located.

The Returning Officer as soon as possible after the close of nominations for the election publicly produce and before all persons present at that place.

  • A list of the names of candidates in the order their nominations were received and
  • Read out that list

 The Returning Officer will then;

  • On pieces of paper of equal size, color and texture mark each with a different number, equal to the number of candidates;
  • Fold each piece equally to the same size each of which is marked with a different number, and place into a container large enough to allow all the pieces of paper to move about freely and ask each candidate in the order in which they nominated to draw from the container one (1) piece of folded paper and hand it to the Returning Officer who will unfold the paper and announce the number, which will be the number, which will be the number position the candidate will appear on the ballot paper;
  • Where the candidate cannot be present they can authorize a person to act for them. Such authorization is to be in writing and provided to the Returning Officer prior to the draw;
  • Should a candidate not be present and have not authorized a person to act for them a Police Officer is to draw from the container on behalf of the candidate.

3. Ballot Paper and Occupations, Titles, Honors or Degrees

Only the name of a candidate and the candidate's town or village is to be shown on the ballot paper. No identification such as occupation, title, honor, or degree will be included on the ballot paper in addition to any candidate's name.

 4. Death of a Candidate

(1) Where a candidate for election in a Constituency dies between the close of Nominations and the polling day, the election for that Constituency shall continue;
(2) The Supervisor of Elections shall, where possible, arrange for the ballot papers for the constituency to be reprinted. If that is not possible the Supervisor of Elections will arrange for the name of the deceased candidate and the vote circle opposite the name to be struck through on all ballot papers for that constituency;
(3) Ballot papers reprinted shall have the space where the name of the deceased candidate would have been and the voting circle blacked out;
(4)The Supervisor of Elections shall publicly announce the death of the candidate and arrange with Returning Officers at each polling station in the constituency to make voters aware of the candidate‚Äôs death.


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